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New Demographic Literature



The number of works published on demography grows from year to year. It is impossible to encompass all the literature on this problem in one survey. In this article we are concerned only with the following books published in 1970 by Soviet authors on problems pertaining to the reproduction of the population in the USSR: >u>Problems of Demography>/u> [Voprosy demografii], "Statistika" Publishing House; >u>Demographic Research>/u> [Demograficheskie issledovaniia], No. 1, Kiev; >u>Demographic Notebooks>/u> [Demograficheskie tetradi], No. 2-3, Kiev; >u>Population and Labor Resources in Cities of Northern Kazakhstan>/u> [Naselenie i trudovye resursy gorodov Severnogo Kazakhstana], "Nauka" Publishing House, Alma-Ata; "Problems of Marriage, the Family, and Demography" [Problemy braka, sem'i i demografii] in the collection >u>Social Studies>/u> [Sb. Sotsial'nye issledovaniia], No. 4, "Nauka" Publishing House; >u>Problems of Daily Life, Marriage and the Family>/u> [Problemy byta, braka i sem'i], "Minus" Publishing House, Vilnius; and >u>Urbanization and the Working Class Under the Revolution in Science and Technology>/u> [Urbanizatsiia i rabochii klass v usloviiakh nauchno-tekhnicheskoi revoliutsii], Moscow (rotaprint edition).

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