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Determination of trade arrangements between the Community and Malta (Communication and recommendation from the Commission to the Council). COM (77) 28 final, 16 February 1977

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,. --"' ' OMMIS:SION OF THE EUROPEAN HILLMAN COM(77) 28 final. Brussels, 16 Februar,y 1977• UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH LIBRARiES ~1\'.~Gt ~~ ~.,.c ~p..~'< JUN 2 ?. 1977 ,~ r-: .. ll v'O . ~~~ SERIALS UNlT DETERMINATION OF TRADE ARRANGEMENTS BETWEEN THE COMMUNITY AND MALTA (Communication and recommendation from the Commission to the Council) COM(77) 28 final. collsvs Text Box collsvs Text Box collsvs Text Box collsvs Text Box y CO:f\iM!SSION cor.';J,':'f.JHIC:ATION '1'0 ''P'HF.: COUJTCTL OH THE DErEflilDTATIOH OP TRADE ABRJ,NGEV!ElJTS The first stage of the Association Agreement between the Community and Malta- which entered into force on 1 April 1971 -is due to expire on 30 June 1977, after being extended for fifteen months in 1976. Under the terms of the Agreement the second stage - in principle of five years' duration - should provide for a further elimination of obstacles to trade bet11een the Community and Malta and the adoption of Malta of the Common Customs Tariff. 2. From the contacts which have taken place between the Commission and the :Maltese authorities in the past few weeks it would appear that the 1-lal tese Government remains attached to the objective of the Association Agreement, viz. the progressive establishment of a customs union with the Commu.'1i ty. 3. In accordance with the objective laid down in the Agreement the Commission proposes to the Council that negotiations be initiated with Nalta for the establishment of a customs union. To this end, it is transmitting to the Council its recommendations, which are given in Annex I A • . ;. .:-~'•.,' -.. -' collsvs Text Box collsvs Text Box - 2 - These negotiations shou1d be opened promptly so that the customs union arrangements ·can be negotiated and established by 1 July. 4. With regard to ECSC products, the Commission is transmitting to the Council a draft decision' on the opening of negotiations with Malta for the conclusion of a framework ag

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