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Vliv managementu krajiny na biodiverzitu drobných zemních savců {--} modelové území niva Lužnice.

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  • Drobní Zemní Savci
  • Biodiverzita Vlhkých Luk
  • Small Terrestrial Mammals
  • Biodiversity Of Meadows
  • Agricultural Science
  • Biology
  • Earth Science
  • Ecology


The work is focused on the biodiversity of small terrestrial mammals at selected meadows with diverse water regime and management. The capture of small terrestrial mammals using live traps proceeded during three periods from June to October for three days at four sites in the Trebon region, where also some meteorological variables (temperature, humidity) had been measured throughout the vegetative season. The weight, age and sex of the captured individuals were recorded . Then the individuals were marked by ear tags and released. Two sites are located in Mokré Louky area near the town Trebon. The locality Mokré louky - not mowed, is not agriculturally exploited and is flooded regularly. The locality Mokré louky {--} mowed, which is nearby, is agriculturally maintained. The third locality is Církvičný meadows, which have a drainage system, are regularly fertilized, and mulched. Boundary pastures Jeţek is the last site. They are alternately grazed and mowed. Overall, 83 individuals of five species of small terrestrial mammals were captured Microtus arvalis, M. agrestis, Micromys minutus, Apodemus sylvaticus and Sorex araneus. 62 individuals of the total number were marked and released . The highest number of species and number of specimens was found out in the site Mokré louky mowed, fewer individuals and species were captured on the meadows Církvičný. Only one species (Microtus arvalis) was captured in the pasture Jeţek. The results of the first vegetative season show on raising biodiversity of small terrestrial mammals with higher soil moisture sites. The captures will proceed next year and the dependence of biodiversity on the measured meteorological variables will be monitored.

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