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Bopyrid parasites of prawns at Kakinada

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  • Prawn And Prawn Fisheries


A total of 1,064 prawns belonging to 12 species of penaeid and 3 species of non-penaeid prawns were infected with 10 species of Bopyrid parasites belonging to 5 genera. Epipenaeon georgei is described as new to science. Epipenaeon japonicus Thielemann and Orbione bonnieri Nobili are new records to Indian waters. There was no host specificity except in E. japonicus Thielemann and Stegoalphaeon kempi Chopra. Incidence of infestation was higher during October-January. Statistical analysis revealed that the male and female prawns of a given species have equal chance of being infested by the bopyrids. Infested prawns exhibited degeneration of the primary and secondary sexual organs. The index of condition in the infested prawns was low compared with non-infested prawns.

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