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Pyrotekniskt genererade aerosoler - experimentella studier med avseende på funktion och risker rörande människa och teknik

Lunds universitet/Brandteknik
  • Technology And Engineering
  • Pga
  • Gasformiga SläCkmedel
  • Pyrotekniskt Genererade Aerosoler
  • HäLsorisker


This report is a study on the effects pyrotechnically generated aerosols, PGA, has on electrical components and our health. Experiments were conducted in small and full scale at Lunds tekniska högskola and the Swedish rescue service’s school at Revinge. The experiments were conducted using only one type of PGA with exception for the full scale experiments in wich two types were used. The experiments conducted were: studies on what effect a sedimented aerosol had on low voltage circuits? Does an aerosol lower energy needed for an electric discharge between to points in a high voltage system? What is the effect on sight conditions in an enclosure filled with an aerosol? Does the PGA fulfil the requirements in various regulations regarding sound levels and discharge times? Is the PGA toxic? What is the particle size distribution? Can a PGA extinguish fires in cabinets placed in a PGA protected enclosure? The answer to all these questions was very satisfying and the results showed that the PGA is a very good extinguishing agent and the effect on electrical components was minimal. One concern is the effect on humans, the levels of ammonia and carbon monoxide generated by the PGA was very high, leading to the conclusion that a PGA system should not be installed in enclosures normally occupied by persons.

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