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Report : wireless data throughput testing on a mobile device using WiFi and GPRS

CRC for Construction Innovation
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  • Crc For Construction Innovation
  • Program C : Delivery Management Of Built Assets
  • Project 2002-057-C : Team Collaboration Using Wireless Computing
  • Communication


This project report presents the results of a study on wireless communication data transfer rates for a mobile device running a custombuilt construction defect reporting application. The study measured the time taken to transmit data about a construction defect, which included digital imagery and text, in order to assess the feasibility of transferring various types and sizes of data and the ICT-supported construction management applications that could be developed as a consequence. Data transfer rates over GPRS through the Telstra network and WiFi over a private network were compared. Based on the data size and data transfer time, the rate of transfer was calculated to determine the actual data transmission speeds at which the information was being sent using the wireless mobile communication protocols. The report finds that the transmission speeds vary considerably when using GPRS and can be significantly slower than what is advertised by mobile network providers. While WiFi is much faster than GPRS, the limited range of WiFi limits the protocol to residential-scale construction sites.

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