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The social and cognitive mapping of policy. The helath sector in Belgium

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O1_Final Report_Belgium health1 Project n° 0288848-2 co funded by the European Commission within the Sixth Framework Program The social and cognitive mapping of policy The health sector in Belgium Didier Vrancken Frédéric Schoenaers Audrey Mélotte Orientation 1 Final Report WP6 February 2008 The social and cognitive mapping of policy: the health sector in Belgium Table of contents 1. Introduction 2 2. A Context Shaped In History 3 2.1 General characteristics 3 2.2 History of the Belgian health sector 4 2.3 History of the Belgian mental health sector 6 2.4 The health sector in the Walloon region 9 2.4.1 The Federal State 9 2.4.2 The Walloon Region 10 2.4.3 The French Community 12 3. Three dimensions 13 3.1 Structures 13 3.1.1 The Walloon Region 13 3.1.2 The Federal level 19 3.1.3 Cross-level practices 23 3.2 Actors 24 3.2.1 The Walloon Region 24 3.2.2 The Federal level 25 3.3 Knowledge 27 3.3.1 The Walloon Region 27 3.3.2 The Federal level 30 4. Analysis 32 4.1 The Walloon Region 37 4.2 The Federal State 39 Bibliography 41 Annexes 43 The social and cognitive mapping of policy: the health sector in Belgium 2 1. Introduction The objective of Orientation 1 is to draw up the social and cognitive mappings of the health sector in Belgium. The cognitive dimension aims at answering questions linked to knowledge: What do actors know? How do they use knowledge? How do they collect knowledge? The social dimension emphasises actors and their relationships in order to answer questions like: Who are the actors? What are their competences? What type of relationships exists among them? The report of Orientation 1 is divided into three parts: a general description of the field, a detailed description of the three identified dimensions (Structure –

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