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Критерии качества смешения многокомпонентной системы

  • Mixing Index
  • Technology Co-Extrusion
  • Gravimetric Dosing
  • Multi-Component Mixture
  • Mixing Quality
  • Технология совместной экструзии
  • индекс смешения
  • гравиметрическое дозирование
  • многокомпонентная смесь
  • качество смешения
  • Технологія спільної екструзії
  • індекс змішання
  • гравіметрічне дозування
  • багатокомпонентна суміш
  • якість змішування
  • УДК 621.777.4


Modern coextruded production requires new approaches to technology, this is largely due to the wide nomenclature of raw materials, a combination of their application (recipes, multilayer structures) and a wide range of finished products. One of the key modules coextrusion line is gravimetric dosing. Moreover, performance measures dosing systems are not available, but practice shows that the stability of the recipe is the first play technological parameter affecting the underlying trading performance of the performance, cost, and quality. The analysis of the quality criteria for the example of mixing technology coextrusion. The effect of mixing on the quality of physical and mechanical properties of multilayer film products. Defined standard value index characterizes the qualitative mixing multicomponent mixture. Investigated and analyzed the samples for the development of unit testing procedures gravimetric dosing systems multicomponent mixtures

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