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The formation of architectural complex of Pochaivska Lavra in 1831-1920 years

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  • Волинь
  • Почаївська лавра
  • архітектура
  • культурна спадщина
  • мистецтво
  • монастир
  • храм
  • собор
  • 281.93(477.84):726
  • Волынь
  • Почаевская лавра
  • архитектура
  • искусство
  • культурное наследие
  • монастырь
  • собор
  • Volyn
  • Pochaivska Lavra
  • Architecture
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Art
  • Monastery
  • Church
  • Cathedral
  • Design
  • Political Science


The article examines the formation of an architectural ensemble of Pochaivska Lavra in 1831-1920 years, which in the middle of XX century was given the status of historical and cultural monument. Based on the analysis of architectural designs of the churches of lavra, revealed the features of the architectural styles of buildings of XIX-XX centuries. It is noted that the construction of the lavra is closely connected with the work of prominent architects, sculptors, painters, carvers, builders.Important place in the development of the architectural complex Pochaiv laurels held political relations since 1831, following the defeat of the Polish uprising Pochaivskiy monastery was transferred to the Russian Orthodox Church.During this period there has been construction of new buildings, restoration of old. A special place in the architectural construction was attached storage architectural styles, which in turn preserves the cultural heritage Pochaiv laurels.In the nineteenth to the early twentieth century were built the following main buildings and churches in the monastery Pochaiv: Holy Gate 1835, Bell Tower 1861-1871, Church of Our Lady of Praise 1862, office building 1895, Chapel 1998 remodeled the monastery, wall, warm church in 1862 which was built in the XVIII century. Event in the Grand Pochaiv Monastery was the construction of the Triple Cathedral, which was built in 1906-1911 architect A. Schusev. The cathedral was built in the style of ancient Orthodox XV century and was an exact copy (four times) more Trinity Cathedral, is located in the Trinity - St.On the construction of the monastery complex architectural work of such masters as skilled personnel L. Dolinsky, A. Schusev, G. Roerich taryad other famous architects, painters and sculptors.Thus, during the nineteenth and early. Twentieth century. formed the core of the architectural complex Pochaiv Monastery, which until now pleases visitors with its grandeur.

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