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U.S. Mid-Atlantic Barrier Island Geomorphology L Journal of Coastal Research 1 1 1-9 Fort Lauderdale Winter 1985 U.S. MID-ATLANTIC BARRIER ISLAND GEOMORPHOLOGY1 R. Craig Kochela, Jacob H. Kahn, Robert Dolan, Bruce P. Hayden, and Paul F. May Department of Environmental Sciences University of Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia 22903, USA A?0000000000 JUUU? gr 3 ABSTRACT KOCHEL, R.C.; KAHN, J.H.; DOLAN, R.; HAYDEN, B.P., and MAY, P.F., 1985. U.S. mid-Atlantic barrier island geomorphology. Journal of Coastal Research, 1(1), 1-9. Fort Lauderdale, ISSN 0749- 0208. Quantitative analysis of 15 geomorphic attributes of the mid-Atlantic barrier coast has revealed that there are systematic variations in the geomorphic arrangement of coastal features. Our analysis of attributes (measured at 1 km intervals along the 800 km study reach from Cape Henlopen, Delaware, to the North Carolina border) has resulted in an atlas of coastal geomorphic types that can be classified at scales ranging from tens of kilometers (regional scale) to several kilometers (local scale). Similar data collection of coastal geo- morphic attributes could be made for other coastal areas and could be quantitatively com- pared to the mid-Atlantic coast through the use of principal components analysis. Additional Index Words: Barrier island, geomorphology, mid-Atlantic, principal components analysis, classification. INTRODUCTION DOLAN et al. (1980) discussed barrier island dynamics and shoreline processes and suggested that there exists a regional organization to the arrangement of geomorphic features on barrier islands. This paper describes the spatial variations in physical attributes of the mid-Atlantic barrier islands on a regional scale and introduces a geo- morphic model based on our analysis. In addition, we summarize a classification of barrier types (KOCHEL et al., 1983). The study area includes an 800-km reach of the mid-Atlantic Coast stretching from Cape Henlopen, Delaware

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