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Linear Stochastic Vibration Theory:4th edition

Aalborg Universitet. Institut for Byggeri og Anlæg
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  • Stochastic Vibrations
  • Monte Carlo Simulation Technique
  • White Noise
  • Stochastic Model
  • Natural Dynamic Loading
  • Reinforced Concrete Beams
  • Pobability Of Failure
  • Computer Science


Name: Kristian Holm-Jørgensen PhD Thesis: Nonlinear Multibody Dynamics of Wind Turbines. Aalborg University : Department of Civil Engineering, Aalborg, 2009. 150pp (DCE Thesis; 19) Abstract: In recent years wind turbines have been growing in size without corresponding in- crease in stiffness of tower and especially wings due to a wish for largely optimized structures. This makes wind turbines more flexible and vibration sensitive. Sea tur- bines with a nominal effect of up to 10 MW and a rotor diameter of 175 meters, placed on water depths as deep as 20 meters are under serious consideration. Struc- tures of that magnitude and under those conditions are severely dynamically sensi- tive. To control the dynamic response of structures of that size and under those condi- tions, more sophisticated numerical schemes are required than the ones used today. One of the purposes of the Ph.D. project is to construct a nonlinear multibody pro- gram for simulating the dynamics of a wind turbine. Due to the complexity of such a program and the theories behind the models, collaboration between AAU and DTU is ongoing. For active control of the dynamic response it is necessary with a reduced numerical model which can be processed in real time. Therefore, system reduction algorithms for the substructures in the multibody formulation become necessary. Supervisor: Professor Søren R. K. Nielsen PhD collaboration: Technical University of Denmark, and Siemens Wind Power A/S Opponents: Associate Professor Carlo L. Bottasso, Politecnico di Milano, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Aerospaziale, Italy, Professor Daniel Rixen, Delft University of Technolo- gy, Department of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering, Netherlands and Associate Professor Poul Henning Kirkegaard, Department of Civil Engineering, Aalborg University (Chairman) Defended: 28.10.2009 Employment after PhD: Siemens Wind Power A/S

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