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연체동물 대량염기서열 분석을 위한 PANM 데이터베이스 버전 3 업데이트

  • kang, won
  • park, s y
  • hwang, h j
  • chung, j
  • sang, k
  • min, h r
  • e park, j
  • cho, h c
  • patnaik, b b
  • lee, y s
Publication Date
Jul 10, 2019
KRIBB Repository
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The PANM Database (Protostome DB) was constructed for the first in the year 2015. The aim of the construction was to provide a public platform for researchers to efficiently annotate the next-generation sequencing (NGS) data arising out of genome sequencing projects of species belonging to Arthropoda, Mollusca, and Nematoda (Protostome group). The web-based interface has paramount importance in improving the process of sequencing data with a greater number of noteworthy hits. In the subsequent year, we released an update to the database (PANM-DB v1.0) that contained twice the number of protein sequences (7,571,246) as compared to the original database and the inclusion of Cephalopod sequences. We now release the third database update (PANM-DB v3) with the incorporation of 11,615,243 protein sequences. The size of PANM-DB v3 is smaller, only 6% of NCBI nr database, and significantly reduces the NGS data annotation time. Like the previous versions of the database, PANM-DB v3 is freely downloadable from for local BLAST analysis.

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