Other publications in Dalton transactions (Cambridge, England : 2003)

From 2D → 3D interpenetration to packing: N coligand-driven structural assembly and tuning of lumine...

Published in May 01, 2018

Low-energy 3D sp2 carbons with versatile properties beyond graphite and graphene.

Published in May 01, 2018

Dispersion forces play a role in (Me2IPr)Fe([double bond, length as m-dash]NAd)R2 (Ad = adamantyl; R...

Published in May 01, 2018

f-Block complexes of a m-terphenyl dithiocarboxylate ligand.

Published in Jan 07, 2018

Photoswitchable nonlinear optical properties of metal complexes.

Published in Dec 19, 2017