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Kyriakos Fytrakis

Kyriakos Fytrakis

Security,  Cybersecurity,  Resource Allocation,  Wireless Networks,  Optimization And Control,  Physical Layer (Phy)
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priyadharsini muthuswamy

Vlsi Design,  Network On Chip
Dr.Noor Zaman

Dr.Noor Zaman

Mobile Communication,  Software Egineering,  Wsn (Wireless Sensor Network)
Wilder Castellanos

Wilder Castellanos

Multimedia Communications,  Wireless Network
Vikas Gupta

Vikas Gupta

Computer,  Artificial Intelligence,  Image Processing


Yasin Asadi


Computer Engineer and Researcher; MSc. in Computer Engineering from IAU, Tehran, Iran, and network engineer; Passionate about computer science including related branches also love researching, love to make a connection between computer science and other branches of science(researcher in multidisciplinary). I worked on Mapping in Wireless Network-on-Chip in my MSc. thesis project. I am passionate about and working on making the scientific world a better world.

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Lecturer Since 2021

Everest IT Collage (Karaj IR)

Teaching and lecturing in computer engineering, network engineering, and IT engineering courses.



Top Graduate in Master of Computer Engineering 2018

Top Graduate in Master of Computer Engineering - Computer Systems Architecture


Artificial Intelligence Web Development Networking Computer Engineering Machine Learning

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