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Marshall Hubsher

Marshall Hubsher

Psychiatry,  Mental Health,  Mental Disorders
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Nia Cason

Nia Cason

Cognition,  Writer Editor,  Neuroscience & Psychology,  Freelance,  Journaliste Scientifique


Translation Studies,  Communication -- Technological Innovations.,  Media Scepticism,  Language Acquisition And Leaming,  Language -- Psychology,  Translation Studies And Comparative Literature,  Media & Communications
Hiran Perera-W.A.

Hiran Perera-W.A.

Psychology,  Cognitive Neuroscience,  Brain Activity,  Brain -- Research.,  Eeg Analysis,  Erp Decision Making,  Neuronal Activity,  Cognionics
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Dr Marshall Hubsher

Dr Marshall Hubsher

Psychiatry,  Mental Health Disorders,  Mentl
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Torsten Oettinger

Torsten Oettinger

Psychiatrist, psychotherapist, now retiree.

Disciplines: Philosophy Psychiatry/Psychology
Dr. Torsten Oettinger Wewelsburger Weg 7 33100 Paderborn Germany, Germany


I am a psychiatrist / psychotherapist and have been working psychotherapeutically for decades.
Last in own doctor's office.
For decades I have been working on a new psychological and psychiatric theory:
I classify the psyche and the psychical relevant in a new way: I derive their classification from basic patterns of language.
I consider the basic assumptions (such as philosophies resp. worldviews and religions), as the meta-levels of psychology, psychiatry and psychotherapy and
critically reflect on them.
Metapsychiatrical and psychiatrical is the focus on schizophrenia and a new psychodynamic theory of it.



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Experience Psychiatrist/Psychotherapist Since 1985

Psychiatrist/Psychotherapist ( DE)

Many years of activity with corresponding general experiences in the subjects of special of specialist training as stated there.

Special Experiences: Psychotherapy of psychoses, especially schizophrenia and development of new theories.


Study in new psychological and psychiatric theories Since 1984


Universities Bucharest and Jena. Specialist training: general medicine, neurology, psychiatry, psychotherapy in Germany (Karl-Marx-Stadt, Bad Driburg, Paderborn).


Philosophy Psychiatrie Psychology Psychotherapy Linguistics Schizophrenia

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Dr. Torsten Oettinger Wewelsburger Weg 7 33100 Paderborn Germany
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