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Muhammad Khusairy Bakri

Muhammad Khusairy Bakri

Mechanical Engineering,  Materials Science,  Biocomposites,  Natural Fiber Reinforcement,  Acoustical Absorbing Materials
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Corrosion,  Mechanical Engineering,  Materials Science,  Materials Characterization,  Hydrogen Embrittlement,  Metallurgical And Materials Science
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Tobias Larsson

Tobias Larsson

Discipline: Engineering
Blekinge Institute of Technology, Valhallavägen 1, 37179 Karlskrona, Karlskrona, Sweden


The focus of Professor Larsson's research is sustainable product-service system innovation, with special support to early concept stages for faster development of new solutions to industrial/personal needs and opportunities.

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Professor Since March 2011

Blekinge Institute of Technology (Karlskrona SE)

Chaired Professor in Mechanical Engineering with special emphasis on Product-Service Innovation.

Professor April 2007 - March 2011

Luleå University of Technology (Karlskrona SE)

Professor in Functional Product Development, Head of Division of Functional Product Development


PhD March 1996 - March 2001

Luleå University of Technology (Luleå SE)

PhD in Computer Aided Design, within the field of Mechanical Engineering. Focus on SImulation Driven Design and Model Based Engineering.


Product Development Simulation Driven Design Computer Aided Analysis

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Blekinge Institute of Technology, Valhallavägen 1, 37179 Karlskrona
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