Shahaf Peleg


I am interested in anything to do with ageing research and life extension.

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Doctor September 2007 - October 2010

ENI Goettingen (Goettingen DE)

Age-associated memory impairment in mice


Prize for the Best Talk March 2012

symposium in Munich 2012:

Schilling Forschungspreis der Neurowissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft 2011 April 2011

Student talk prize award, Horizions, Göttingen September 2010

Student talk prize award

Best poster prize and Spetses Summer school stipend August 2010

Spetses Summer school

The Amos De-Shalit Summer program for selected students in Life Science, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel August 2005

program for selected students in Life Science


Ageing Metabolism Epigenetics Histone Neurosceince

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