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Hamdi Aouinti

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Santiago Lago-Peñas

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Discipline: Economics
Facultade Ciencias Empresariais, Campus Universitario, Ourense, 32004. Spain , Ourense


I am a full professor in the Department of Applied Economics at the University of Vigo. I am also the Director of the Governance and Economics research Network, Executive editor of Hacienda Pública Española / Review of Public Economics, Associate researcher of the IEB and collaborator at FUNCAS, co-Director of RIFDE, Director of the Galician Economic Forum and Director of the Chair of Family Businesses at University of Vigo. Expert for the European Commission (H2020), the OECD, the World Bank, the RAND Corporation, the Forum of Federations and the Assembly of European Regions. A former Counselor of the Galician Socioeconomic Council (2003-2011) and Chairman of the Accessibility Working Group of the Atlantic Transnational Network, 2003-2005. Member of the Committee of experts on Spanish fiscal federalism. Advisor for the Strategic Plan of Galicia 2015-2020 and a member of the Galician Observatory of demographic dynamization

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Facultade Ciencias Empresariais, Campus Universitario
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