Ryan Walden

Ryan Walden

Research Assistant

Institution: O'Shea Lab
La Jolla, CA, United States


I received my bachelor's degree in Biology from California State University San Bernardino. During my last year, after I took several tissue culture and stem cell classes, I entered the CIRM Bridge’s program. Once entered into this program I received training from the Stem Cell Core at University of California Riverside in Dr. Prue Talbot’s laboratory. I did my research in Dr. Mary Kearns- Jonker’s laboratory at Loma Linda University School of Medicine studying heart regeneration using cardiac progenitor stem cells grown on an organic scaffold that mimics the extracellular matrix of our body’s tissue. The goal of this research was to replace/regenerate the heart’s tissue that dies after a myocardial infarct. I am currently a research assistant I in Dr. O’shea’s laboratory working with Lorane Texari studying the changes to chromosomal composition of cancer cells after being infected with an adenovirus.

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