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Clémence Coudret

Clémence Coudret

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Michel Grégoire

Laser Ablation,  Mantle Metasomatism,  Mineralogy And Petrology : Igneous Petrology,  Icpms,  Geochemistry : Major And Trace Element Geochemistry,  Mantle Xenoliths,  Magmatic Rocks
76 publications
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Nathalie Cabrol

Astrobiology,  Planetary Sciences
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Ludovic Capette

Geology,  Carbonates,  Hydrogeology,  Groundwater,  Earth Water,  Sedimentology,  Water Resouce Management,  Gis (Geographical Information Systems)
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Rosalba Bonaccorsi


Planetary studies can spark the imagination. We want to go to Mars. Humans have dreamed of going to another planet and looking for life throughout the ages. We want to better understand the nature of the Solar System and we want to know if we're alone.

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Organizing Committee for “MarsFest 2014” Death Valley NP September 2013 - March 2014

Organizing Committee for “MarsFest 2013” Death Valley NP May 2012 - March 2013

Organizing Committee for the “First Ever Mars & Mojave Festival” Death Valley NP May 2011 - March 2012

Research Associate for MSL/SAM Instrument Team (Co-I, CP. McKay) 2011 - 2013

Research Scientist at Carl Sagan Center of SETI Institute and NASA Ames. Since January 2009

SETI Institute (Mountain View US)


Natural Sciences, Environmental Sciences


Co-I NSF-funded Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program to the SETI Institute. 2014

Co-I Planetary Protection “Raman Spectroscopy for Bioburden Monitoring” 2009

NASA Group Achievement Award to the “2006 Spaceward Bound Atacama Desert Expedition” 2007

NASA Group Achievement Award to the “Mars Analog Research Technology Experiment”. 2006

NASA Post Doctoral Fellowship at NASA Ames Research Center, California 2005

Short-Term-Mobility Fellowship Grant (Italian NRC) 2005

Young Research Fellowship. (Sponsor: University of Trieste) 2000

Doctoral Fellow award at University of Trieste (Italy) 1997

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