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Smart money, silent money.


When you understand what you need, out of the order of your rules, you won't just determine how much you're happy with the assignment, you'll also better understand how to pass it. You can spend it wisely, or you can spend it stupidly. Many writers stupidly waste it because they don't understand what they want or how do my accounting homework. If you spend the notes on self-education just in publishing, improving your writing skills, hiring a good scribe or book consultant and marketing, that decision will help you reach your specific target reader, it's all reasonable money. You command a pocket more in sight of those dollars than if you had never shed them. You are investing in your career in the column.

But if you spend lavishly because someone told you that's "the worst way to publish this book indefinitely" (and you haven't researched any other ways), or buy ads just because other books are advertised there, or set aside money for hack conferences without clear anticipation of what you're losing from them, or reward agents with "reader fees," or expand editors whose business you don't know or whose recommendations you haven't checked, this is mommy money. You'll spell those dollars out and you'll know there isn't enough return or not enough.


So I guess publishing bad statements is not a free service write essay for money. The noble news is that you have specific questions about how much you're wasting and where you're doing it. Be an impeccable consumer as well as an educated and talented writer. You'll make sure it's targeted value, published the way you hope, because it will be priceless in the end.


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