Romain  Peretti

Romain Peretti

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After graduate "institut d'optique graduate school" (master degree) and doing a Phd at university of Lyon (France), I was hired as physics researcher in an optics and photonics lab in Lyon to design and elaborate in clean room facilities samples/ prototype of photonic device such as photovoltaic cell, single photon sources or laser.

I then moved to Zürich to work with Prof. Jérone Faist one of the inventors of quantum cascade laser to focus on the photonics part of these devices. Here I manage international project, and propose design process and analyses photonic crystal quantum cascade laser.

International Peer Reviewed Publications :
More than 35 publications in international journals and several communication in international and national conferences

Journal Referee :
Optics Expres, Journal of Optical Society of America B, Optics Letter, Optics Material Express, Applied Optics, Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells, Journal of Lightwave Technology,

Specialties: I have to manage international research project in a academic/private collaboration. I use different fields of analysis, such as spectroscopy and optics and photonics. More over I have to make frequent report for academic or industrial collaborator, conferences and papers in international science journal community. I also participate in several projects writing for different calls; 3 accepted now.

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PhD 2005 - 2008

Université de Lyon (Lyon FR)

My PhD came from contract between CNRS and Alcatel, then, draka comteq after Alcatel Lucent fusion. My PhD work consisted in leading the project about Gain spectral Hole burning problem on Erbium doped fiber amplifier in my laboratory. I have to make new experiment in order ton understand this phenomenon and analyse new composition of fiber made By Draka comteq. The Gain Spectral Hole burning is an important issue for telecomunication because this problem is a strong limite to dense wavelength division multiplexing. So I had to understand the fundamental physcics in order to improve the device.

Ms In optics and photoncis 2002 - 2005

institut d'optique (Orsay FR)

First rank Optics and photonics school in France


BDI grant 2005

Nantional CNRS funding for PhD study

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