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Ana Maria Abreu-Velez

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Revista  MVZ Córdoba

Revista MVZ Córdoba

Universidad de Córdoba sede Berástegui, Colombia

Discipline: Biology
Kilómetro 12 vía Ciénaga de Oro – Córdoba, Colombia


The Journal MVZ Cordoba is a scientific publication of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechny of the University of Córdoba, Montería, Colombia. It publishes national and international articles related to the agricultural sciences in the form of :

Original investigation.
Literature reviews.
Short communications.
Clinical cases.

The subjects that are published in Journal MVZ Córdoba correspond to veterinary medicine and zootechny, agriculture, biology, biotechnology, biomedical basic sciences, public health and other subjects of interest in agricultural sciences.

The journal is directed to professionals in veterinary and zootechny medicine, public health, epidemiology, aquaculture, biology, biomedical basic sciences and biotechnology.

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Editor January 1994 - November 2016

Editor (Berástegui CO)

Editor in Chief Revista MVZ Córodoba


The Journal Is Directed To Professionals In Veterinary And Zootechny Medicine, Public Health, Epidem

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Kilómetro 12 vía Ciénaga de Oro – Córdoba
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