Ray G. Butler

Ray G. Butler

Barcelona, Spain


Software: that is the word that best describes me. My education, my skills, my professional experiences and my passion are closely related to software development projects.

Along my more than 15 years of professional career I acquired the experience and personal skills of an excellent Software Analyst, a Project Manager and ultimately a R&D Manager.

For the last 10 years, I have thrown myself into supporting scientific researchers around the world to discover more and better by developing software tools at the biotechnology and life sciences business.

Today I keep that passion channeled by the exciting startup project Butler Scientifics.


CEO, Software R&D Manager Since October 2012

Butler Scientifics (Barcelona ES)

Butler Scientifics is a bioinformatics company that supports the scientific community worldwide to facilitate the future discoveries. We design, develop and deliver software tools and training services to make the scientific and clinical research process easier, faster and much more effective. Key achievements: - Ideation, architectural design and programming of AutoDiscovery: an intelligent exploratory data analysis software that helps in unveiling complex relevant relationships hidden in the data files of research projects, clinical studies and corporate databases. - Set-up of a highly experienced project team in International Sales, Marketing and Biology. - Engagement of 5 renowned Principal Investigators for the collaborative development of the software. - Successful execution of the project fundraising strategy. Personal and professional growth based on driving my life to a passion: supporting Science to discover more, faster and better.


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