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Amir Karton

Amir Karton

Catalysis,  Computational Chemistry,  Density Functional Theory,  Quantum Chemistry,  Theoretical Chemistry,  Ab Initio Calculations,  2D Materials
36 publications
Fatehy Hassan

Fatehy Hassan

Cosmology,  Physics,  Astronomy

Raj Chanian

Astrophysics,  Cosmology,  Mathematics
Bruce Nappi

Bruce Nappi

Cosmology,  Knowledge & Systems,  Communications Failure In Government,  Communications Failure In Academia
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Dhawal Garg

Computer,  Apple,  Macintosh

Ranvir Singh

Disciplines: Astronomy Chemistry Computer Science
Bhubaneswar, India


Current Activity: B.Tech in Computer sciences and Engineering
Wants to understand quantum physics and cosmology



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