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Deepak Rawat

Deepak Rawat

Bioremediation,  Microbial Ecology,  Aromatic Amines,  Azo Dyes,  Environmental Toxicity
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Rym Zakhama

Ecology,  Seagrass,  Amphipods

Myriam Montes

Pollution,  Ecology,  Environment

Hugo Cerda

Ecology,  Insect,  Tropical Ecology

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Ecology,  Anthropology,  Conservation
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Jean-François Ponge

Jean-François Ponge

professor emeritus

Discipline: Ecology
Research topic:
Yerres, France,


Name: PONGE Jean-François

Situation: Male, married, 3 children

Personal address: 98 allée des Chênes, La Bardinerie, 45210 LA SELLE EN HERMOY (France)

Professional address: Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, 4 avenue du Petit Château, 91800 Brunoy (France)

Title: Professor emeritus, since October 2008, previously 1st class full professor

Education: École Normale Supérieure (1966-1970)

Diploma: Habilitation à la Direction de Recherches (HDR), February 1991

Professional activities: research (still ongoing), teaching (until 2008)

6 PhD theses (100% supervising)

231 publications (186 in refereed journals, 30 in non-referred journals, 11 book chapters, 4 books)

Complete list of publications:

Professional website:

ISI h-index: 40

Research topics:

Soil biological functioning

Soil animal communities and land use

Tolerance and intolerance to environmental stress: evolutionary aspects

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