Peter Moyle

Peter Moyle

Associate Director, Faculty, Emeritus

Davis, CA, United States


Peter Moyle is Distinguished Professor Emeritus in the Department of Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology and associate director of the Center for Watershed Sciences, UC Davis. He is author or co-author of more than 225 publications, including the definitive Inland Fishes of California (2002). His most recent book, co-authored with Amber Manfree and Peggy Fielder is "Suisun Marsh: ecological history and possible futures "(UC Press). He is currently completing a book on the ecology and management of floodplains, with Jeff Opperman as the lead author and Amber Manfree, Joan Florsheim, and Eric Larsen.   He has served on numerous advisory bodies, including the Ecosystem Restoration Program Science Board of the California Bay-Delta Authority and the National Research Council Panel on the Klamath River, as well as serving as an expert witness in trials and hearings dealing with fish. His research interests include conservation of aquatic species, habitats, and ecosystems, including salmon; ecology of fishes of the San Francisco Estuary; ecology of California stream fishes; impact of introduced aquatic organisms; and use of floodplains by fish. He has long-term research projects in Suisun Marsh, Putah Creek, and Sierra Nevada streams, with shorter-term projects in the north Delta, Shasta River, and other localities around northern California. 

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Ecology And Conservation Of Freshwater And Estuarine Fishes

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