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Pedro Gil-Monte

Pedro Gil-Monte

Discipline: Psychology
Faculty of Psychology; Av. Blasco Ibáñez, 21, Valencia, 46010. Spain , Valencia


Dr. Pedro R. Gil-Monte was born in Tobarra (Albacete, Spain). He is the Director of the Group of Psychosocial Research on Organizational Behaviour (Unidad de Investigación Psicosocial de la Conducta Organizacional) (UNIPSICO) at University of Valencia, Spain. Currently he is Full Professor of Social and Organizational Psychology in the Department of Social Psychology at that university. He is an active research in the field of Occupational Health Psychology with over two hundred publications including scientific articles, chapters and books. Dr. Gil-Monte has developed the “Spanish Burnout Inventory” (SBI) to evaluate the levels of job burnout and the “UNIPSICO Questionnaire” to evaluate psychosocial risks at work and their consequences on workers health. Dr. Gil-Monte actively participates in research projects granted by public funds (Spanish Government), and as external adviser in education –e.g., universities- health organizations –e.g, hospitals- and companies working in other economic sectors. He serves as member of the editorial board of national and international journals of Psychology, Psychiatry, Public Health, Public Environmental Occupational Health, Management and Public Administration. He is a member of national and international scientific associations such as American Psychological Association (APA), European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology (EA-OHP), European Association on Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP), Society for Occupational Health Psychology (SOHP), International Coaching and Leadership Association (ICLA), Spanish Scientific Association of Social Psychology (SCEPS), Valencian Society of Psychology (SVP), Academic Division of the Spanish Society of Psychology, Researchers Net on Psychosocial Factors at Work (RIFAPT A.C, Mexico). Awards and distinctions: Government of Jalisco (Mexico, 2008), which recognizes his collaboration to evaluate psychosocial risks in prison employees. RIFAPT (2010), for his contributions to the development of occupational mental health in Latin America. Fidélitas University (Costa Rica, 2010), which recognizes his contributions to Psychology. Chilean Society of Work and Organizational Psychology (SCHIPTO, 2016), recognizing his relevant contributions and research in Work and Organizational Psychology. In addition, as Director of UNIPSICO Dr. Gil-Monte has been awarded with the “Distinction 2014 to the development of researches on occupational risks prevention (Generalitat Valenciana, government of the autonomous community of Valencia). Research Interest. His research primarily involves job stress and its consequences on workers health and organizational productivity. The focus of this research has been directed at psychosocial risks at work, job burnout, bullying and depression. In addition, his interest has involved developing psychological tests and questionnaires to evaluate job burnout and psychosocial factors and risk at work.

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Faculty of Psychology; Av. Blasco Ibáñez, 21
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