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Spintec Deputy Director & Research Staff
Olivier graduated in Physics from École Normale Supérieure in Paris, then received a PhD from Grenoble University, and conducted most of his later carrier in Grenoble. He has been active in the field of nanomagnetism for twenty years. His early focus was low-dimensional and surface magnetism, with a particular emphasis on self-organized systems. In particular, he developed synthesis processes to turn a two-dimensional organized patterned into an array of pillars, to increase thermal stability. His current research topic is the structure and field- and current-driven motion of magnetic domain walls, with a particular emphasis on the exploration of bottlenecks set by the concept of a three-dimensional race-track memory. He authored more than 70 publications, plus several reviews, book chapters and editorships. He created and is managing the European School on Magnetism. He joined Spintec in 2016, acting as deputy director.

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