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Oded Kariti


As an independent researcher and engineer, pursuing Mechanical Engineering from one of the best Educational Institutions in San Diego, Oded Kariti is always seeking out to gain experience in the field of Science, Research and Engineering Development. With his agenda that technology has the power to expand human capabilities to a higher level, Kariti became to be known as a hard-worker and a fast learner. He is a team player which is reflected in my skills and activities and is always willing to push his boundaries and grasp and learn as much as he can.

Distinguished educator and scholar on Engineering Implications of Technology, Oded Kariti is a member of the Independent Research Society. He founded and chaired until 2013 the Crunchbasse initiative. He has experience of 15 years working on the Public Sector area. As a practitioner, he has participated in strategic research projects at the national and international level as the American Interoperability Framework. He collaborates with different institutions, universities, and conferences. With Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Scientist, Oded Kariti has Postgraduate degrees in Information Systems Management, e-Government Strategies Design & Implementation, and is also an Expert in Law & ICT. In 2002 the National Center for Biotechnology Information awarded Kariti with the Online Volunteer Award 2002.

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