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Leonid Grinin

Leonid Grinin

Globalisation,  Economic Cycles,  Evolution Of Statehood,  Production Revolutions,  Kondratieff Waves,  Periodisation Of History,  Early State
205 publications
Daniel Cebo

Daniel Cebo

Molecular Medicine,  Emerging Infectious Diseases,  Human Enhancement,  Addiction Medicine,  Biomedical Cybernetics,  Human Genetic Modifications,  Longevity,Life Extension And Biological Immortality,  Genetic And Genomic Medicine,  Public And Global Health
59 publications
Daniel Corzo

Daniel Corzo

Tourism,  Politics & Government,  Local Development
10 publications
Pilar Sánchez-Gijón

Pilar Sánchez-Gijón

Machine Translation,  Localisation,  Machine Translation Evaluation,  Translation And Technology,  Translation Technologies,  Post-Editing,  Computer Assisted Translation
54 publications

Marie-Helene Bérard

Environnement,  Gouvernance Locale,  LéGitimité
Noel B. Salazar


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