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Nilda San Miguel

District Principal Research Coordinator

Disciplines: Education Research
San Juan, Santa Cruz, 4009. Philippines , Laguna


Nilda V. San Miguel, EdD, PhD, is Principal II of Lumban Central Elementary School at Lumban, Laguna, Philippines, and was previously a full-time teacher at United Evangelical Church School (UECS), Laguna. She is currently the District Principal Research Coordinator, Scientific Committee Member of TIIKM (Sri Lanka), Member of the Review Committee of IAFOR (Japan), Editor of International Journal of Research Publications, Consultant of N & E Quality Provider, and Reviewer of Science Publishing Group, Inc. (New York, USA). She graduated at Union College of Laguna with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. After her fifteen years of service at UECS, she gained her Master of Arts major in Elementary Mathematics and Doctor of Education major in Educational Management. She is an active member of Santa Cruz Church of Christ. Dr. Nilda S. San Miguel is a woman of energetic vitality in the workplace. As a school leader and researcher, she possesses the ability to complete massive tasks even under the most trying circumstances. As a researcher and an educator, she never stops providing maximum technical assistance, inspiration, and possible solutions to which her studies seek answers and provide effective measures in addressing various problems and challenges in the educational system, ensuring that quality education is out-rightly delivered. Being a dynamic, internationally recognized researcher and a highly competent leader, she has become an effective instrument in addressing various problems, concerns, and endeavors that uplift the bureau’s objective in providing quality services and programs, aiming to elevate the quality of education, not only in SDO Laguna, but also in an international arena, where all her studies had been presented, published and recognized.

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Doctor of Education, maj. in Educ. Mngt. June 2013 - March 2016

Laguna State Polytechnic University Santa Cruz (Laguna PH)



Outstanding Researcher May 2022

INSTABRIGHT Second International Award for Educators and Researchers

Outstanding School Leader February 2022

INSTABRIGHT Second National Award for Educators and Researchers

Outstanding School Head December 2021

ETCOR First International Award for Educators and Researchers

Outstanding Principal June 2021

Global Education Awards and Summit 2021

Outstanding Researcher in Elementary Level December 2020

DepEd Laguna 2020 Gawad Marangal


Science Leadership Administration And Management

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