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Alex Cauvi

Alex Cauvi

Chemistry,  HéRitage,  Material Science,  Charity,  Sci Comm,  Documentary,  Communication
Naveen Kumar Singh

Naveen Kumar Singh

Downstream Process Development,  Protein Purification,  Downstream Processing,  Bioseparations,  Nucleic Acid Purification
6 publications
Hatim Mohammed Hamadnalla
gulustan bssjar

gulustan bssjar

Agricultural, Environmental & Natural Sciences,  Social, Pedagogy Sciences & Humanities,  Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy And Biology Sciences,  Technical And Applied Sciences,  Regional Development And Infrastructure,  Economic, Management & Marketing Sciences
7 publications
Loriane ARMAND

Nicolas Joly

Disciplines: Biology Biology & Biochemistry Microbiology
15, rue Hélène Brion, Institut Jacques Monod, Paris, 75013. France , Select...


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