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Torsten Oettinger

Torsten Oettinger

Philosophy,  Psychiatry & Psychology,  Schizophernia,  Theologie Und Ideologie,  Linguistics|Psychology,  Theological Anthropology,  Psychiatry (Incl. Psychotherapy)
27 publications


Translation Studies,  Communication -- Technological Innovations.,  Media Scepticism,  Language Acquisition And Leaming,  Language -- Psychology,  Translation Studies And Comparative Literature,  Media & Communications

smart sogir

Writer,  Musician,  Rapper,  Enterprenior
Hiran Perera-W.A.

Hiran Perera-W.A.

Psychology,  Cognitive Neuroscience,  Brain Activity,  Brain -- Research.,  Eeg Analysis,  Erp Decision Making,  Neuronal Activity,  Cognionics
6 publications
Marco González Tous

Marco González Tous

Editor,  Zootecnia,  Medicina VeterináRia.,  Reproducción Animal,  Revista Mvz Córdoba
56 publications
Nia Cason

Nia Cason

Freelance scientific writer

Disciplines: Psychology Neuroscience & Behavior Psychiatry/Psychology
Paris, 75011. France


Scientific writer / editor / journalist specialised in the fields of neuroscience & cognition.


Developmental editor Since 2016

Bioedit ( GB)

Neuroscience / Psychology

Post-doctoral researcher 2015 - 2016

Université de Lille 2 (Lille FR) (Lille FR)

Researcher for Project Alzheimer's: The effect of nonpharmacological

interventions in dementia. Coding of micro-facial expressions, movement, synchronisation.


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