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Torsten Oettinger

Torsten Oettinger

Philosophy,  Psychiatry & Psychology,  Schizophernia,  Theologie Und Ideologie,  Linguistics|Psychology,  Theological Anthropology,  Psychiatry (Incl. Psychotherapy)
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Translation Studies,  Communication -- Technological Innovations.,  Media Scepticism,  Language Acquisition And Leaming,  Language -- Psychology,  Translation Studies And Comparative Literature,  Media & Communications
Hiran Perera-W.A.

Hiran Perera-W.A.

Psychology,  Cognitive Neuroscience,  Brain Activity,  Brain -- Research.,  Eeg Analysis,  Erp Decision Making,  Neuronal Activity,  Cognionics
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smart sogir

Writer,  Musician,  Rapper,  Enterprenior
Marco González Tous

Marco González Tous

Editor,  Zootecnia,  Medicina VeterináRia.,  Reproducción Animal,  Revista Mvz Córdoba
56 publications
Nia Cason

Nia Cason

Freelance scientific writer

Disciplines: Psychology Neuroscience & Behavior Psychiatry/Psychology
Paris, 75011. France


Scientific writer / editor / journalist specialised in the fields of neuroscience & cognition.


Developmental editor Since 2016

Bioedit ( GB)

Neuroscience / Psychology

Post-doctoral researcher 2015 - 2016

Université de Lille 2 (Lille FR) (Lille FR)

Researcher for Project Alzheimer's: The effect of nonpharmacological

interventions in dementia. Coding of micro-facial expressions, movement, synchronisation.


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