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Franck Marchis

Franck Marchis

Astronomy,  Instrumentation,  Planetary Science,  Science Outreach
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Clémence Coudret

Sciences,  Innovation,  MéDiation,  Techniques
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Janice Bishop

Spectroscopy,  Mineralogy,  Planetary Geology
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Cassini,  Planetary Sciences,  Saturn'S Rings
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Nathalie Cabrol

Nathalie Cabrol

Senior Research Scientist and Director of the Carl Sagan Center

Institution: SETI Institute
Mountain View, United States


A passion for exploration

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National Research Council Fellow June 1996 - June 1998


MESR (France) Postdoc. Fellow November 1994 - May 1996



Ph.D., Planetary Geology/Earth Sciences


NASA Group Achievement Award – Planetary Lake Lander Project Team 2014

NASA Group Achievement Award – Mars Exploration Rover Science and Operations Team. 2014

For ten years of sustained exploration and scientific discovery on the surface of Mars with the Mars Exploration Rovers

NASA Group Achievement Award – ARC Family 2013 2014

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Haley Space Flight Award for the Mars Exploration Rover Development and Operations Team 2012

New zooplankton species from the Licancabur summit lake (5,914 m asl) named after Cabrol: Scutiglypha cabrolae 2009

NASA Group Achievement Award for the MER 3rd and 4th extended mission 2008

NASA Group Achievement Award : MER extended mission Science/Science Support Team 2005

NASA Ames Honor Award for Excellence as Contractor Employee 2005

NASA Group Achievement Award for the MER Science Operations Team ( 2004

NASA Group Achievement Award for the MER Science Support Team 2004

Earth and Space Foundation First Exploration Award to the Mars Exploration Rover Team 2004

Gold Medal, International Water and Science Award (Unesco/European Parliament) 2000

NASA-JSC Group Achievement Award for the Astronaut/Rover (ASRO) Project 1999

NASA Ames Research Center Space Science Division Outstanding Achievements Award 1999

NASA Ames-IMG Outstanding Achievement Award for the ASRO Field Experiment 1999

Medal of the French Société d’Encouragement au Progrès for Scientific Research 1997

Medal of the Observatory of Triel (France) for PhD thesis research 1992


Reading Music Art Scuba Diving Writing Trekking Mountaineering

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