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James Bowers PhD

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Muhammad Qasim

Muhammad Qasim


Disciplines: Agricultural Science Biology Ecology
Fuzhou, 350002. China , Fujian


Working on molecular ecology and biological management of citrus pests.

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Ph.D (Agricultural Entomology) September 2014 - December 2018

Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (Fuzhou CN)

Molecular characterization of Asian citrus psyllid as well as entomopathogenic fungi

Pathogenesis of entomopathogenic fungi against Asian citrus psyllid

Master of Science (Agricultural Entomology) September 2008 - September 2010

University of Agriculture Faisalabad (Faisalabad PK)

Chemical management of termites in fields and buildings

Population dynamics of termites in fields and buildings


CSC 2014

Chinese Government Scholarship


Molecular Ecology Entomopathogenic Fungi Molecular Characterization Biological Management Asian Citrus Psyllid Termites Vegetable Insect Pests

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