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Born April 5 1947, after economics and business studies (Sciences économìques, HEC), I moved over to study psychoanalysis.

Dedicating to research, I discovered that Freud was very traumatized by his own circumcision, to the point of committing various practical and theoretical mistakes.

That led me to become an intactivist, specialize in the physiological, sexual, and psychological damage caused by sexual mutilation and wonder about the history of circumcision and its psycho-sociological outcomes, violence notably (genocide, war, terrorism, violence against women...).

I wrote three books against sexual mutilation:

- Feminine and masculine sexual mutilation, the greatest crime against humanity (human sciences against sexual mutilation)

- Excision, circumcision, a collective alienation, sexist, discriminatory, and violent: ritual circumcision, an artificial racism, masked behind religion, tradition, culture, and folklore

- The birth of Judaism, between exegesis and Egyptology

- And numerous articles:

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