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Michael Shvarzblat

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Michael Shvarzblat (born September 18, 1954, Boston, Massachusetts) is a prominent American experimental psychologist, cognitive scientist, and a researcher. His academic specializations are in the field of cognitive psychology, with a special interest in the biology of behavior. Common topics examined by him include perception, learning, cognition, emotion, motivation, and memory.

Shvarzblat was born in the English-speaking Jewish community of Boston but became an atheist at the age of 14.

He received his degree in experimental psychology from Boston University in 1976. After graduating, he went to Harvard to do his doctorate in the same discipline. Michael received his Doctor’s Degree in 1979. In 1982 he worked as a professor of psychology at Harvard University having previously been director of the Center of Cognitive neuroscience at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Over the course of his career, he published a number of research publications and won a number of awards.

In the present moment, Shvarzblat lives in New York, where he works as a researcher at the Psychology Research Department of Pace University.

Moreover, he conducts psychology speeches and seminars nationally and internationally.

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