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Daniel Cebo

Daniel Cebo

Molecular Biology,  Augmented Reality,  Research Management,  Information Technology,  Personalized Medecine,  Digital Literacy,  Medical Informatics,  Hiv-Infection,  Public Health Analysis
39 publications
James Bowers PhD

James Bowers PhD

Molecular Biology,  Journalism,  Media,  TéLéVision,  Film,  Documentary,  Media & Communication

Minxing Li

Cancer,  Molecular Biology,  Mouse Genetics
Michael Telias

Michael Telias

Molecular Biology,  Stem Cell,  Neurobiology
9 publications
Abbas Salavaty

Abbas Salavaty

Systems Biology,  Epigenetics,  Bioinformatics,  Genomics,  Cancer Study
13 publications
Matija Fenrich

Matija Fenrich

University of Osijek, Faculty of Medicine

Osijek, Croatia



President of Science Committee Since June 2015

J. J. Strossmayer University of Osijek, Students' Council (Osijek HR)

President (chairman) of Science Committee at J. J. Strossmayer University of Osijek, Students' Council. Responsible for research administration and scientific project managing.

Vice-president Since March 2015

Student Society for Neurosurgery (Osijek HR)

Student Society for Neurosurgery at Faculty of Medicine, J. J. Strossmayer University of Osijek, Croatia

Demonstrator & Dissection Technician - Department of Anatomy & Neuroscience Since March 2014

Faculty of Medicine Osijek (Osijek HR)

Demonstrator at course Human Anatomy (Formaline specimens, Cadaver dissections). Demonstrator at course The Fundamental Neuroscience (neuroanatomy)

Volounteer Researcher - Laboratory of Neurobiology Since October 2012

Faculty of Medicine Osijek (Osijek HR)

Gathered experience in various lab protocols.



DANA Foundation Brain Initiatives Award for the best presentation at Brain Awareness Week, March 2015 Osijek, Croatia March 2015

Award for the best pressentation at Brain Awareness Week 2015 in Osijek, Croatia. Title of presentation: The Evolution of Human Symbolic Communication

Award for the best paper in session - International Medical Students' Congress in Novi Sad 2014 July 2014

9th International Medical Students' Congress in Novi Sad, At Novi Sad, Serbia. Award for the best presentation in session for paper "Symptoms of Anxiety among Blind Subjects" (Pojatić Đ, Fenrich M, Degmečić D. "Symptoms of Anxiety among Blind Subjects." IMSCNS-International Medical Students' Congress Novi Sad. Hrvatska znanstvena bibliografija i MZOS-Svibor, 2014.)


Alzheimer Disease Neurodegeneration Demyelination Glymphatic System Autonomic Nervous System Heart Rate Variability Neuropharmacology Neurophysiology

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