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Mark Berger Chicago

Mark Berger Chicago

CEO of Villa Healthcare

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2045 W Jackson Blvd Chicago, IL 60612,


Mark Berger is the CEO of the Chicago based healthcare company, Villa Healthcare. This company is a leading provider of post-hospital care rehabilitation skilled nursing and long-term care services.

As a Chicago based healthcare executive, Mark Berger has over 20 years of experience in nursing facility ownership and management.

Berger left his previous job as Vice President of Operations position for a mid-size long term care company in order to found Villa Healthcare. He turned his company into a premier provider of high caliber rehabilitation nursing care. Through this company, Mark Berger owns and manages a number of nursing homes and short term rehabilitation centers, throughout the Midwest, most of which are in Chicago. He operates under the motto “making people better”.

Besides his professional obligations, Berger is also a philanthropist, who contributes to many charitable organizations of the Jewish community in Chicago. He is involved in many projects that service children with special needs.

An option that allows the elderly to be under medical supervision there is a possibility of going to a nursing home. The offer includes various packages and they differ from the degree of mobility of the user. Nursing homes in Chicago also cover the offer on a daily basis, but most often monthly offers are dependent on the condition of the service users.

Elderly care includes providing full board, three main meals and two snacks, constant supervision by doctors and medical staff, and therapist services as needed. Some nursing homes also offer 15-day accommodation, which also lists therapist services as needed, full board, three meals, snacks, and ongoing supervision by medical staff and physicians. There is also the possibility of the aforementioned daily accommodation, which generally involves a 12-hour stay plus meals and constant supervision of a specialist, as well as the possibility of visiting therapists for service users.


Founder and CEO 2010 - 2010

Villa Healthcare (Chicago US)

Administrated by Mark Berger the Chicago based nursing care company owns and manages a number of nursing homes and short-term rehabilitation centers throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan.


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2045 W Jackson Blvd Chicago, IL 60612
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