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Arus Reka Prasetia

Arus Reka Prasetia

Entrepreneurship,  Marketing,  Culture,  Media,  Management,  Multimedia,  Creativity,  Branding,  International Management,  Communication
Antoine Gavignaud

Antoine Gavignaud

Science,  Bioengineering,  Communication
James Bowers PhD

James Bowers PhD

Molecular Biology,  Journalism,  Media,  TéLéVision,  Film,  Documentary,  Media & Communication
Valentina Marinescu

Valentina Marinescu

Communication,  Sociology,  Mass Media
23 publications
Alex Cauvi

Alex Cauvi

Chemistry,  HéRitage,  Material Science,  Charity,  Sci Comm,  Documentary,  Communication
Marine Cozzolino

Marine Cozzolino

Scientific journalist


Disseminate scientific knowledge in order to benefit as many people as possible.


Paleontology internship 2019 - 2019

Study a jaw of a triassic amphibian

Scientific communicator 2018 - 2018

paleopolis (Gannat FR)

To make people understand the evolution, the research and the classification of life through experiment.


Master's degree Scientific Communication 2020 - 2020

Université de Strasbourg  ( FR)

Disseminate scientific knowledge through communication

Master's degree in paleontology 2018 - 2020

Université Rennes I ( FR)

Understanding the life past, having the keys of evolution


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