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Nicolás Damián Servidío del Monte

Nicolás Damián Servidío del Monte

Epigenetics,  Data Science,  Biodemography,  Rejuvenation,  Genetics & Genomics,  Ageing Economics,  Gene Editing,  Geroscience,  Longevity Industry,  Blockchain
Isaías Albertin de Moraes

Isaías Albertin de Moraes

Migration,  International Relations,  Development Economics,  Economic History,  International Cooperation
37 publications
Aan  Jaelani

Aan Jaelani

Islamic Finance,  Energy Economics,  Tourism Economics,  Islamic Banking,  Islamic Economic,  Economic And Business
22 publications
Yuriy Vovk

Yuriy Vovk

Management,  Mechanical Engineering,  Publishing,  Transportation,  Economics,  Resourcenomy
62 publications
Sebastian Aparicio

Sebastian Aparicio

Entrepreneurship,  Economic Growth,  Institutional Economics
18 publications
Marco Ardengo

Marco Ardengo

MSc candidate at the Joint Double Master Degree in Economics at University of Udine (Italy) and Karl Franzens Universität Graz (Austria)

Disciplines: Economics Social Sciences
Via Istria, 7 - 31016 Cordignano (Treviso) - ITALY, Udine, Italy



Double Master Degree in Economics Since September 2015

Università degli Studi di Udine (Udine IT)

The Master's in Economics will give a high-level preparation, with the accent on quantitative rather than legal or business aspects, so that you can carry out specialized activities inside Companies, public administrations and international institutions and bodies. A solid preparation in the fundamental courses of economic sciences, will guarantee those who complete the course an excellent capacity for analyzing and interpreting complex economic phenomena, both national and international. The salient characteristics of the curriculum are: a) advanced level study of fundamental aspects of microeconomics and macroeconomics; b) advanced courses in economics, including Political economy, Economic policy, Applied economics, Financial Sciences; c) fundamental mathematical and statistical techniques for studying economic phenomena: mathematics, statistics and econometrics; d) inter-disciplinary preparation, with particular emphasis on financial topics.

Undergraduate Degree in Economics and Management of Tourism September 2006 - April 2011

Università Ca' Foscari di Venezia (Venezia IT)

This Programme provides students with a flexible and multi-purpose education, based on a grounding in economic, mathematical-statistical, business and legal issues, in order to analyse and interpret economic phenomena at different levels (macroeconomic, market, corporate ones). Moreover, they may investigate the economics of tourism, which plays a particularly relevant role in the Venetian area.


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Via Istria, 7 - 31016 Cordignano (Treviso) - ITALY
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