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rene von schomberg

rene von schomberg

Ethics,  Responsible Innovation,  Science And Technology Policy
15 publications
Lucky Nugroho Prastowo

Lucky Nugroho Prastowo

Accounting,  Sustainability,  Microfinance,  Banking,  Ethics,  Islamic Finance,  Islamic Banking,  Good Corporate Governance,  Islamic Microfinance,  Islamic Accounting
36 publications
Héctor Pittman Villarreal

Héctor Pittman Villarreal

Humanities,  Scientific Edition,  Writing Support,  Academic Advising,  Law,  Social Sciences,  Manuscript Review,  Guidance On The Submission Process
Ahmad Ozair

Ahmad Ozair

Epidemiology,  Ethics,  Meta-Analysis,  Systematic Review,  Cochrane,  Evidence-Based Medicine,  Outcomes,  Neuroethics
30 publications


Translation Studies,  Communication -- Technological Innovations.,  Media Scepticism,  Language Acquisition And Leaming,  Language -- Psychology,  Translation Studies And Comparative Literature,  Media & Communications


Marcin Hintz

Marcin Hintz

Professor Associate at Christian Theological Academy in Warsaw, Poland

Disciplines: Philosophy Religious Science Social Sciences
Sopot, Poland


Professor Associate at the Christian Theological Academy in Warsaw (Chrześcijańska Akademia Teologiczna w Warszawie), Chair of Systematic Theology, Warsaw, Poland.

Bishop of the Pomerania-Wielkopolskas Diocese of the Lutheran Church in Poland 2008 - Member of the Bioethics Commission by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland; 2004-2013 Chairmen of the Polish National Committee of the Lutheran World Federation

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Medal Komisji Edukacji Narodowej August 2014

Medal of the Polish Ministry for Education


Climbing Classical Music

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