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Manuel Esteban

Manuel Esteban

Web Development,  Php,  Symfony,  Fablab

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Moneem AMINA

Web,  Php,  Html

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Abdelkader Rhouati

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Manuel Esteban

Manuel Esteban

CTO At MyScienceWork

Institution: Polaris
Research topic:
35a Avenue John F. Kennedy, Luxembourg, Luxembourg


Lead developer at MyScienceWork by day, maker and cofounder of the Thilab (FabLab Thionville) by night


DUT Informatique September 2001 - July 2004

IUT Aix en provence (Aix en Provence FR)

Cours à l'iut informatique d'aix en provence


3D Printing Diy Home Automation Raspberry Pi Fablab Makerspace Web Development

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35a Avenue John F. Kennedy
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