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Simon-Frédéric Désage

Simon-Frédéric Désage

Computer Vision,  Image Processing,  Light-Color Perception,  Image P
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Mohamad Ivan Fanany

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Artificial Intelligence,  Machine Learning,  Safety,  Human Factors,  Knowledge Acquisition,  Case-Based Reasoning,  Knowledge Based System,  Railway Transport,  Risk Assessment Accidents,  Experience Feedback,  Preliminary Hazard Analysis
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vladimir bajic

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Luis Rodrigo Barba Guamán

Luis Rodrigo Barba Guamán

Research in artificial intelligence

Disciplines: Computer Science Education Engineering
Loja, Loja, Ecuador , Loja


Research in Artificial intelligent. Computer Visión and mathematics
Science computer of technical university of Loja

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Research Since 2008

Universidad Tecnica Particular de Loja (Loja EC)

Biography.  I received a MSc. from Polytechnic of Madrid in 2015, working at use of artificial vision methods for PC as support in the automotive industry with José Naranjo. My MSc thesis explored the edges and lines on the road, moreover object detection which will help to inform or prevent the driver or computer system from running over the objects through an alert. Till April 2008, I was a technology and education area in "Modalidad Abierta y a distancia" from Technical University of Loja, Ecuador. We develop software to support education such as remote work automation and video conference systems. I was leading the technical area in Global Development Learning Network team for Latin America. in 2010. I joined the Computer Science and Electronic Department at Technical University of Loja in 2014.

Research.  My research explores image processing and computer vision algorithms on the road through traditional and deep learning techniques. More broadly, my research interests encompass serious games development. 
Design, analysis and clustering of data with ant colony techniques. experiments in the sorting and grouping characteristics. Design a serious game MateBRU as a strategy to teach basic arithmetic operations for six-years-old children
Using of neural networks for the detection, classification and automated counting of vehicles and pedestrians in public space.
I have collaborated and leadin in for 27 research, development, and innovation major projects

Areas of technical interest: include mathematic learning, intelligence systems, and computer vision.

Funding.  My work has been supported by an Ecuadorian Corporation for the Development of Research and Academia, CEDIA, for the financing provided to research, through the especially the CEPRA project - XII -2018;The name of the projet is "Clasificadorvideo para actores de la movilidad como alternativa a conteos volumetricos manuales" and the research project call from Technical University of Loja.



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