Lorane Texari

Lorane Texari

Research Associate

Institution: O'Shea Lab
La Jolla, CA, United States


I did my Ph.D. in Switzerland and worked at understanding the role of the nuclear pore in gene expression in S. cerevisiae. I am currently interested in understanding the role of nuclear architecture and more specifically chromosome organization in nuclear functions such as transcription in a cancer related context. The laboratory identified a new protein able to downregulate p53 target genes in an H3K9me3 dependent manner but independently of p53 inactivation. This protein is an adenoviral protein named E4-ORF3 that forms a remarkable nuclear polymer. An outstanding question is how E4-ORF3 specifies repressive heterochromatin assembly at p53 target genes. My work is to investigate how E4-ORF3 recognizes specific loci and changes chromatin architecture and how this mechanism changes gene expression.

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