Léonard Raimbault

Junior consultant (internship), BDC Lifesciences


I'm a student in Biotechnology at Sup'Biotech Paris and I have a Biotechnology Certificate from Boston University.
I did a 2 months internship at Phenocell laboratories in Genopole.

My Innovative Projects team at Sup'BioTech was among the 10 finalists over 119 projects at the French Chamber of Pharmacists' hackathon in June 2016.

My team and I won MAIF's innovative contest in 2015 and was then able to present a mock-up as a guest speaker at MAIF's Summer University (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QVMlYaMjeoU&feature=youtu.be).


Junior consultant Business Development and Strategic Alliances Since 2017

BDC LifeSciences

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