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Diego Soler-Tovar

Diego Soler-Tovar

Public Health,  Epidemiology,  Food Safety
Revista  MVZ Córdoba

Revista MVZ Córdoba

Biology,  Biotechnology,  Aquaculture,  Public Health,  Epidemiology,  Veterinary And Zootechny Medicine,  Biomedical Basic Sciences
135 publications
Russell Kabir
Ana Maria Abreu-Velez

Ana Maria Abreu-Velez

Public Health,  Autoimmunity,  Immunodermatology,  Skin Diseases,  Clinical Trials,  Health Sciences,  Antigens,  Cells And Tissue,  Antibodies : Immunology,  Executive Director
167 publications
Martinos Gryparis

Martinos Gryparis

Nutrition,  Health,  Medicine

Khaled Abdelkader

Disciplines: Biology Chemistry
Alexandria, Egypt


Branch manager in Seif group, but I am preparing Msc in public health(Microbiology) to change my career to academic or to work in pharmaceutical companies


Branch manager Since November 2009

Seif group (Alexandria EG)

Responsible for everything in the branch


Mr Since September 2010

High institute of public health (Alexandria EG)

Pharmacist and currently prearin Msc in microbiology in the high institute of public health

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