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Junjian Qi

Junjian Qi

Power Systems,  Smart Grid,  Complex Networks
Redouane KANAZY

Redouane KANAZY

Predictability,  Prognoses,  Prognosability,  Discrete Events Systems
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Daniel Cebo

Daniel Cebo

Molecular Medicine,  Emerging Infectious Diseases,  Human Enhancement,  Addiction Medicine,  Biomedical Cybernetics,  Human Genetic Modifications,  Longevity,Life Extension And Biological Immortality,  Genetic And Genomic Medicine,  Public And Global Health
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Frank A. Stengel

International Relations Theory,  German Foreign Policy
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sebastian grauwin

Complex Systems,  Bibliometrics,  Data Science,  Scientometrics,  Data Visualisation,  Social Systems Modeling
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karim elka

Disciplines: Communication Economics Education
22 im 2 diyar almansour, khemisset, 15000. Morocco , khemisset


i m a teacher


managemnt 2015 - 2017

unives (khemisset MA)

i take som courses about management

economics 2002 - 2006

mly ismail (meknes MA)

During University, i’ll realise that studying is not just about economics. but It’s also about my life experience and learning to adapt to new people, new environments,  and a new way of learning.


i haven't 2017

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no obejet 1900

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Ecommerce Dropshiping Mangement

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22 im 2 diyar almansour
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