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Journal  «Medical perspectives»

Journal «Medical perspectives»

Медичні перспективи

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Medicni Perspektivi
Dnipro, 49044, Ukraine


Journal «Medical perspectives» (Medicni Perspektivi) has been published since the year 1996, since the year 1999 has been attested by Higher Attestation Committee (HAC) of Ukraine as special edition (N 261 from 06.03.2015). ISSN 2307-0404. Founder: SE "Dnipropetrovsk medical academy of Health Ministry of Ukraine" Journal “Medical perspectives” publishes scientific articles devoted to topical problems of theoretical, clinical, preventive, social medicine, its history as well as lectures, interesting case reports, covering unusual cases, reviews on monographs and commemorative articles devoted to prominent scientists.


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Journal “Medical Perspectives” Publishes Scientific Articles Devoted To Topical Problems Of Theoreti

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